Executive Summary-FileMaker 2024

Claris just released the FileMaker 2024 product line… And we shall call it FileMaker 21.0.1… Not because we’re contrary but because the platform goes by two names. FileMaker 2024 is its marketing name. That name will cover many different releases, just as FileMaker 2023, released in April 2023, covered versions 20.1.1 through 20.3.2. Most of these releases brought new […]

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FileMaker 19.5 was released this month with several new features to help improve performance, security, and reliability: Use the new JSONGetElementType function to validate your JSON syntax. Capture data with two new functions for Apple operating systems – GetLiveText and ReadQRCode. Improve security with fmp URL protection. Integrate your FileMaker data into other apps using

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