Get the latest version of FileMaker!

Get the latest version of FileMaker!

FileMaker 19.5 was released this month with several new features to help improve performance, security, and reliability:

  • Use the new JSONGetElementType function to validate your JSON syntax.
  • Capture data with two new functions for Apple operating systems – GetLiveText and ReadQRCode.
  • Improve security with fmp URL protection.
  • Integrate your FileMaker data into other apps using OData.
  • Add OAuth sign-in functionality to FileMaker WebDirect sites via JavaScript.
  • Use server-side summaries to speed up data processing for groups of records.
  • Speed up the Save Copy as XML process by running it on FileMaker Server.
  • Perform memory intensive tasks with increased Scripting Engine memory cache.
  • Group related backup files together using Parallel backups.
  • Easily cancel running backups.

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