Release of FileMaker 2024

Release of FileMaker 2024

Why Choose FileMaker 2024 for Your Business?

The much-anticipated FileMaker 2024 release is finally here, bringing a host of marvelous features to improve your business operations and drive success. FileMaker has come a long way over the years, and this latest version is truly superior.

Investing in this release is a strategic move if you are looking to enhance efficiency, security, and growth. Its robust features and improvements create a valuable tool for businesses across various industries.

Download your free trial of FileMaker 2024 now and get a first-hand feel for these new features. Check out the release notes to see the entire list of new features.


Unveiling FileMaker 2024

FileMaker 2024 introduces a range of enhancements that streamline workflows, improve user experience, and boost overall productivity. This article will explore key features that make this release a game-changer for your business, including its AI capabilities.

Whether you are a seasoned FileMaker user or a newcomer to this powerful platform, understanding the value of these updates is crucial for staying competitive and achieving your business goals.

Screenshot showing FileMaker 2024 UI optimized with new tools and capabilities.

The most groundbreaking addition to FileMaker 2024 is its native support for semantic search and AI integrations. These features enable users to ask natural language questions of their apps and receive more relevant answers, unlocking new insights from their data. Semantic Find and new AI calculation functions help businesses leverage AI to enhance their operations.

Four-block graphic with icons describing various aspects of the new FileMaker 2024 AI and semantic search capabilities.

Semantic Search and AI Integration New Features

  • Semantic Search: Allows users to ask natural language questions and receive relevant answers, enhancing data insights.
  • New AI Script Steps: Includes steps like Configure AI Account, Insert Embedding and Perform Semantic Find to facilitate AI integrations.
  • AI Calculation Functions: Provides tools for managing embeddings, determining semantic similarity, building accurate prompts, and optimizing AI for speed and cost.
  • Support for Public or Local Models: Ensures data security and privacy.
  • AI Call Logging: Helps monitor and troubleshoot AI integrations.

Semantic search is like having a smart assistant that knows exactly what you’re looking for, even if you don’t use the precise search words. Beyond specific search words, it deciphers what you mean.

For example:

  • Understanding Intent: If you ask for “places to stay,” it assumes you’re looking for hotels or Airbnb options, not just any random place.
  • Paying Attention to Context: Imagine you’re searching for “coffee” at 8 am near your location; it understands you’re looking for a coffee shop that’s open, and not just facts about coffee.
  • Connecting the Dots: Semantic search uses a big web of connected ideas to make sense of things. So, if you search for “best way to get stains out,” it knows you’re talking about cleaning tips, even if you didn’t mention “cleaning.”
  • Talking Like a Human: You can ask things in a normal way, as if talking to a friend, and it still understands you. You could say, “Where’s a good place to eat that my kids would like?” and it understands you’re looking for family-friendly restaurants.

In the world of FileMaker, adding semantic search enables the user to find everything with ease, using exact or loosely associated terms and words.  You don’t have to know the exact terms used in the database; you can just ask like you would ask a friend, and it’ll figure out what you mean and help you find it.

Screenshot of native AI FileMaker scripting available in FileMaker 2024.

Powerful Examples of AI Semantic Search in FileMaker Solutions

Below are some powerful examples of how AI semantic search can be utilized within a FileMaker solution:

1. Customer Support and Ticketing System

A company uses FileMaker for its customer support ticketing system. The system stores a vast amount of data including customer inquiries, support tickets, and resolution notes.

Comparison chart showing semantic search requests and results in the area of support and ticketing systems.

2. Human Resources Management

A company’s HR department uses FileMaker to manage employee records, including performance reviews, and training history.

Comparison chart showing semantic search requests and results in the area of human resources management.

3. Inventory Management System

A retail business uses FileMaker to track inventory levels, supplier information, and sales data.

Comparison chart showing semantic search requests and results in the area of inventory management.

4. Sales and CRM

A sales team uses FileMaker for customer relationship management, tracking interactions, sales opportunities, and follow-ups.

Comparison chart showing semantic search requests and results in the area of sales and CRM.

A law firm uses FileMaker to manage case files, court documents, and client information.

Comparison chart showing semantic search requests and results in the area of legal case management.


Enhanced Performance and Scalability

Another significant update in FileMaker 2024 is its enhanced performance and scalability. Businesses can now handle larger datasets and more complex operations with ease. This ensures that your FileMaker solutions can grow alongside your business, accommodating increased demand without compromising on speed or efficiency.  There are now hundreds of fixes related to performance, compatibility and reliability to ensure smoother operations.

  • Hundreds of Performance Fixes: Approximately 200 improvements related to performance, compatibility, and reliability ensure smoother operation.

Advanced Security Features

In today’s digital landscape, security is a priority and a concern. FileMaker 2024 introduces advanced features that protect your data from unauthorized access and breaches. With native support for Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and optimized console controls, you can rest assured that your sensitive business information is safe.

  • Simplified SSL Management with Let’s Encrypt: Easy setup and management of SSL certificates to secure data communications.
  • Automated SSL Processes: Automate certificate requests and renewals directly within FileMaker Server on macOS or Ubuntu.
  • Comprehensive Admin Console: A consolidated view of schedules and improved tools for managing user connections and maintenance tasks.
  • Flexible Admin Roles and Customization: Enhanced roles for administrators and customizable settings for better performance management.
Screenshot showing consolidation of script schedules into one area in FileMaker 2024 admin server console.

Integration Capabilities

FileMaker 2024 offers enhanced integration capabilities, allowing businesses to connect their FileMaker solutions with other essential tools and systems. With new script steps and functions that utilize the Data API, JSON and transactions, developers can optimize apps and integrations

  • Enhanced Data API Support: New script steps now support write operations, enabling more efficient data manipulation.
  • Simplified JSON Handling: The new JSONMakeArray function makes it easier to create complex script parameters.
  • Improved OData 4.01 Compliance: Better support for filter expressions and easier navigation of entity relationships for simpler integrations.
  • Advanced Text Extraction: The GetLiveTextAsJSON function provides comprehensive metadata when extracting text from images, enhancing integrations with image-based data.

An All-in-one Workplace Platform

FileMaker 2024 delivers a robust platform to create your Workplace OS, providing extensive access to the entire Claris suite at no extra cost (with certain restrictions). This means access to the powerful products:

  • Claris Connect: Streamline and automate your digital workflows.
  • Claris Studio: Effortlessly build public web apps for customers, vendors, partners, and more.

Note: While Claris Studio will be available for free sign-up in various regions in the future, it is currently accessible through the Claris Platform Bundle.

Expertise You Can Rely On

At idiosol, our team of experienced professionals will customize and implement FileMaker 2024 to meet your unique business needs. Whether you need assistance with migration, integration or optimization, we will ensure a smooth and successful transition.

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