Introducing the New Claris Platform

Introducing the New Claris Platform


Earlier this month, Claris unveiled the Claris Platform. There’s a lot to unpack with this announcement — bundling and licensing changes, OS needs, file conversions, WebDirect and integration unknowns, and more. Read our initial reaction to the news and what it means for your existing Claris apps.
Deploying Claris Server
Claris Server is the equivalent of FileMaker Server but part of the new Claris Platform; it’s directly tied to your Claris subscription or ‘org.’ Learn more.
Claris Pro Default Account
Be aware — access to a new Claris Pro solution or a converted FileMaker Pro solution is governed by Claris ID. You need to have a Claris ID to authenticate into your solution. You can no longer add the equivalent of native accounts like you may have been used to in FileMaker. Learn more.
Claris Studio Webinar Update
In light of the Claris Platform announcement, we’d like to take a step back to dig into the new features and opportunities and host a webinar on both Claris Studio and Claris Platform later in the year.

As we uncover more capabilities in new functionality, we’ll continue to share our insights in blog posts like the ones above. Our team is looking forward to presenting a comprehensive overview soon and will keep you apprised of the new webinar date.
Project Updates
We recently started working with a specialty manufacturer to eliminate a mission-critical operations legacy database by enhancing their use of FileMaker. Our consultants are architecting new features on the FileMaker platform to deliver a single source of truth for our client’s data and functionality for easier tracking and reporting of this data. Together, our ultimate goal is to group similar jobs and eliminate duplicate paperwork and labor, increasing efficiency and innovation for our client.

Our road mapping offering, which provides workshops to uncover business goals and build a long-term strategy with the support of custom technology, has gained quite a bit of steam in the last few years. In our latest partnership, we’re helping a travel and entertainment company empower customers to pay by a payment plan. During road mapping, we’re exploring the best methods to combine the functionality of the Claris platform with secure cloud technology to make this customer offering a reality. Every road mapping initiative is different, and our team is enjoying navigating the unique requirements of complex integrations, payment security, and customer experience to deliver a game-changing application for our client.

We’re also partnering with a new client who has built a SaaS product for the entertainment space. Our team is working to build a better delivery process by leveraging AWS AppStream. This cloud service will give our client more control over application modules distributed to their customers. This is one of many opportunities our FileMaker and AWS teams have had to collaborate. It’s exciting to see what FileMaker can do when bolstered with AWS cloud services.
Many of our projects start as referrals from our clients. If you know of someone creating value and driving innovation in their business, please pass on our name. We’d love to explore the opportunity to help them.

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